Qualified Spanish Voice Actor  Voice recording project, locution: anywhere Job description 1. Dubbing Chinese TV series, movies, documentaries or cartoons into Spanish 2. Collaboration with TV channels from Spanish-speaking countries 3. The number of candidates: 10. 4. Work period: 3 months 5. Start date: End of Ap 6. Salary. to discuss 7. Pavement: end of the project.Requirements 1. Native Spanish speakers(from any Spanish-speaking country 2. Gender: male/female. 3. Qualification: Bachelor degree or above major in acting, dubbing, broadcasting or similar 4. Experience: Completed at least 3 dubbing projects n the past 3 years 5. Have own recordi ng equipment 6. Availability until the end of the project, must not quit Application 1. Professional CV and recent photograph. 2. Sample of previous dubbing projects 3. Dubbing related certificates 4. Reference of previous dubbing project